Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Evangelicalism (part one): Dangerous and Abrasive Language

The discussion on Jesus (for this discourse) prompted what one can appropriately call an exposition of terms. At various points throughout this discourse, the terms “Evangelical” and “Theology of Glory” have been referenced in matters of dispute. Today, I call myself a Post-Evangelical Lutheran; there is a reason for this distinction – I am a former Evangelical. One might ask, “Why does that matter?” Simply put, entering the Lutheran world, with an Evangelical background makes many terms dangerous. As difficult as this may be for my Lutheran-raised comrades to comprehend, it is nearly impossible for me to view certain terms outside of an Evangelical definition. The problem herein, is that I oppose the Evangelical definition of most – if not all- terms and its theology (the Theology of Glory). Taking my aversion to Evangelical terms and theology into account, it has become crucial to discuss the terms I find most abrasive.

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