Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jesus the Messiah: Why the King of Kings gets the Credit

As I depicted in the section on justification, salvation is the work of God alone: by God’s grace alone (Sola gratia), through the faith that God has given us alone (Sola fide), and through Christ alone (Solo Christo) by way of the event of the cross. It is my express belief that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, endured the consequence of sin – through his death on the cross – for the sake of all humanity; through this, he graciously imputed his righteousness upon us. Christ died for sinners (understood to be all of human kind) and justified us with his righteousness. In conjunction with these theological beliefs, this theologian maintains that the teachings of Jesus and the events of the Gospels of Jesus Christ (as well as, the remainder of the New Testament and Old Testament Scriptures) are true. Jesus Christ is savior and the mediator for our salvation. Without Jesus Christ and his work of the cross, the entirety of this discourse would be meaningless. Boldly, I reject that Christ died to make people righteous; yet, I uphold the view that he died for you and for me without our merit and that God is found on the cross.

Considering that all merits of salvation belong to God – not people – all the credit and glory belong to God alone (Soli Deo Gloria). Attributing glory to God alone should never be confused with the Theology of Glory (up to this point of the discourse, I have politely dismissed the aforementioned theological thought process). Glory to God alone, means salvation is not about us; rather, it is for us and about God.

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